Life? Things? Happen?

Alright, well, after agonizing over this for too long, I finally decided to suck it up and major in theatre. I love acting so much. I think about it everyday without fail.

I tried to convince myself over the past year that I didn’t want to major in drama, while every sign (if you believe in that kind of thing) from God and the universe was pretty much beating me over the head with a broom, pointing me that direction. Driving me towards what I love.

I tried to ignore this, all the while putting my hands over my ears and going ‘lalalalapleaseleavemealonelalalalaaaa’.

Well. This method wasn’t effective for very long. (More specifically, just one year.)

I thought I should do something more practical. I could do Public Relations, which is still kind of artsy, but also a little business-y. Get my minor in Computer Science. It would all work out right? I’d stop dreaming constantly about acting until I could find a way to do it outside of school, right? I’d eventually stop being sad every time a friend talked about their show or mentioned theatre, right?

I wouldn’t feel sick to my stomach when I thought about my future, right?


(Hint: Yeah, not so much.)

What cinched it was going to see the production of Hairspray that my college put on towards the end of the semester. It was wonderful, fun, and reminded of why I loved acting. As the show finished, and everyone stood to applaud, my heart was racing.

I wanted to be a part of that again.

Sure, I have my issues with show business in general. I sometimes find it to be contrived, elitist, self-important, and just plain irritating. But… even with the awareness of all those things- I still want to do it.

Let me just say though, it is not official yet, unfortunately. I still have to work things out with the adviser. I just hope I can make this thing work.

Who knows though, I may end up hating it. There’s always law school, right?


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